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Sustainability is no longer a major trend for environmentally conscious people only. Businesses have to adopt it also. That’s in order to compete and retain their leads. Investors are even measuring the viability of businesses based on their environmental awareness. Doing so is to rely on the ever-popular “environmental, social and governance (ESG) model.” What major businesses are discovering are the benefits of renewable resources, inclusive communities and motivated workers. It is also important to note that the majority of younger consumers are buying with sustainability in mind. 

How Digital and Sustainability Relate
Transformation is at the core of both digital and sustainable trends. Simply stated, what once was can no longer be if society and market are to elevate themselves. The major trend behind the transformation is innovation and risk traking. When society encounters simpler or cheaper means to be sustainable, sustainability is the natural route. Likewise, as society realizes the advantage of remote technologies, more people will relate with their mobile devices and internet signals. 

Only Disruption to Follow
Digital and sustainability also are disrupting the lives and lifestyles we have. In many ways, professionals are left behind in the labor market if they don’t use digital financial tools and if they don’t build a better ecosystem. You might not have to write code, but using computers and even innovating within them is in demand. As in most cases, demand is the driving force behind the disruption. Disruption doesn’t occur simply because it’s fun but it happens because it also makes business sense and generates new wealth.. Sustainability is also in demand as the world is threatened by destabilizing climate variability and change. 

Demand for Optimization
Sustainability was once an environmental extreme, but the abuse of society is making it necessary and in a clear way. Oil and other carbon-based resources simply aren’t practical and unique in the long term and they should be coupled with renewable alternatives including with Green Hydrogen.  Additionally, what we saw in 2020 proved that remote capabilities can protect and save lives. Digital not only has demand, but under dire circumstances, it became the sole avenue the world heavily relied on. Plus, it accelerated the decarbonization and innovation efforts which would have been unthinkable without a global pandemic.

Digital Might Be the Key to Sustainability
Within the growing trend behind sustainability, digital is showing itself as capable of providing solutions. Awareness is often the first step to environmental change, and nothing gets information throughout the globe better than digital technology. The metaverse could be a way of innovation meet sustainability as many inefficient and carbon intensive practices (commuting, going to meetings, using too many devices) will be eliminated.