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Andrea Zanon


Entrepreneurship, Sustainability,

& Impact Investment

About Andrea Zanon

Andrea Zanon is a skilled professional who – across his career spanning 25 years – has gained experience and expertise in multiple areas around the world. His professional knowledge includes areas like strategy, business development, risk management, sustained growth, partnership, and poverty reduction across the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. 

Presently in his career, Andrea Zanon is serving as the leader of WE Empower and Confidente, which he founded in early 2018 and in 2022 respectively. Operating in Washington D.C., empower was established as a sustainability consultancy, where start up and international organizations interested in assessing sustainability, resilience and disaster risk management can seek advice.  Additionally, since 2021, Andrea has been serving as a performance advisor as part of Confidente coaching, which helps building trust-driven communities empowering its users to achieve  daily improvements personally & professionally.

Throughout Andrea’s career history, he’s consistently demonstrated his leadership abilities in several executive and founder roles. He served as the President and Head of the Crisis Unit for Amsterdam Strategic Advisors for two years, operating out of Washington D.C. Prior to that role, he spent nearly a decade with the World Bank Group serving as Disaster Risk Management Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa.

Setting the foundation for his career was Andrea Zanon’s education. An educated professional, Andrea is fluent in his native Italian as well as English, French, and Spanish. He attended the University of Bologna in Italy, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Languages and Foreign Literature. From there, his education took. Later, Andrea attended Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. in the United States, where he earned his Master of Science in Foreign Science (MSFS). 

Andrea is an active blogger and writer who published on sustainability, sports, entrepreneurship and Middle Eastern affairs weekly. 

Learn more insights about entrepreneurship from Andrea Zanon by visiting his blog page and checking out his business website

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Andrea Zanon’s Experience


Founder and CEO


Washington, D.C
Jan 2018-Current
  • Established consulting firm to advise client and international organization on sustainability, resilience and entrepreneurship 
  • Devising resilience, ESG, and access to grants strategies for financial institutions, and global foundations

Resilience Head, Middle East and North Africa


Addis Ababa and Washington, D.C.
March 2007-Sep 2016
  • Developed resilience strategies for 11 countries resulting in stronger preparedness and disaster risk management readiness 
  • Co-led the Horn of Africa drought crisis in 2011 and managed first drought damage and needs assessment across Africa 
  • Led multi-agencies post-conflict/disaster needs assessment in Yemen and West Bank & Gaza in the MENA region for $70mn

Founder, and Chief Operations Officer


Granada, Spain
Jan 1999-May 2004
  • Established and ran business operations Italian food/beverage firm driving $450k in the first year and $1-1.7mn by the fourth year
  • Downsized company during crisis maintaining profitability, reducing staff by 20% and costs by 10%

Founder and Chairman


Washington, D.C.
Sept 2017-Current
  • Established an acceleration program powered by a consortium of public and private organizations to provide training, mentorship, professional networking, and grants to female entrepreneurs
  • Partnered with the World Bank and over 100 global partners and philanthropist and launched the program in 14 countries working with over 10,000 women entrepreneurs.
  • Provided training for over 2000 women-inclusive businesses since 2018 and facilitated access to partners and donors.

Founder and Vice President


Denver, USA
Sept 2003-Present
  • Developed grant myopization strategy for climate change adaptation and partnered with the United Nations
  • Founded and designed climate change strategy, and secured donors support through the Earth Council Alliance

President and Head of Crisis Unit


Washington, D.C.
Oct 2016-Dec 2018
  • Led crisis management for the firm, built a team of 10 across three countries, devised risk management strategies for global corporations and sovereigns such as Panama, and Dupont Risk Management who sought to establish long term resilience and ESG plans and strategies.
  • Secured eight clients within the first year of operations expanding the business practice into the smart cities, as well as digital transformation and access to finance platforms.
  • Organized advocacy and roundtables for policymakers and global tech companies on crisis management and resilience to increase capacity and to enable public-private partnership in the Middle East

Investment Officer


Washington, D.C.
Jun 2006-Aug 2008
  • Provided climate change and energy efficiency analyses and advise to the principals.
  • Assessed business climate and advised the consulting firm managers on business readiness for national oil companies.
  • Provided market forecasts and reports by performing market research, analysis, and interpretation of data




  • Clean Tech (Italy President, 2009)
  • Project Manager (World Bank, 2012)
  • Big Data Analytics (World Bank 2016)

Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS) May 2007


Bachelor and Master in Philosophy

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