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In recent years, sustainability has become more important than ever, especially as the world continues to experience new impacts from climate change. In response, more companies have turned additional focus to sustainability, and how it can be implemented in their own businesses. In order to accomplish this, it is also crucial for companies to familiarize themselves with sustainable practices, and how the shift could impact how they function. Below are some of the well known publications that focus on sustainability that companies should explore. 

The Balance – Sustainable Businesses is a digital library with more than 7000 pieces. Its focus is on small businesses.

CleanTechnica provides information on clean energy, such as solar power, wind power, energy efficiency, and clean transport.

WIRED is a publication about the intersection of tech, culture, business, and science. Their cleantech section is widely viewed as very forward-thinking.

ScienceDaily provides research news on various topics, including energy technology and cleantech.

CleanTech Group provides opinions and resources for a more resource-efficient industrial future.

The Materials Management Wizard (MWiz) is a resource hosted by the US Environmental Protection Agency. It provides resources to support and promote sustainable materials management, among other things.

The Green Infrastructure Wiz (GIWiz) is a database that grows out of a collaborative effort from both the Environmental Protection Agency and The Offices of Research and Development, Policy, and Water.

Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Sustainability Resources covers transportation guidelines, industry standards, and more. 

Sustainable Sources is a comprehensive green building resource with information on building codes, sustainable materials, and a great deal more.

Soil and Water Conservation Society publishes perspectives, policy information, and research relevant to the topic of soil and water conservation.

The Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts is a think tank regarding sustainability in arts and culture. It is a useful resource for artists and related businesses.

Green Global Travel is an ecotourism blog run by a two-person team consisting of a professional photographer and a professional journalist. If your business is part of the travel industry, this is a terrific resource.

It is important to use helpful resources like the ones listed above before building a strategy towards sustainability. This can help make the process smoother and more efficient.