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ESG often comes with mixed feelings. Tech companies recognize that ESG is the way of the future, offering long-term sustainability in an evolving marketplace that focuses on environmental, social, and governance considerations. Yet, this is a relatively new practice, so many companies are confused about where to begin. An excellent place to start is learning how tech companies can ensure a balanced approach across ESG and benefit from the branding.

How Tech Companies Can Define a Balanced Approach to ESG
ESG involves three distinctive, yet interconnected, dimensions. Careful consideration of each helps tech companies strike a good balance that makes sense, both financially and operationally. Strategic reinvention is the first dimension of ESG. This involves defining what your company must, should, and could do. This outlines a strategy for how you want to compete in the tech space. Second, look at your business transformation that will drive your ESG strategy and reporting at your company’s core. Third, reimagine your reporting systems to include ESG aspects. Make it specific to your segment of the tech space.

Build and Maintain Trust
The transition from corporate responsibility and sustainability to ESG has redefined trust relationships, from consumers to stakeholders and governing authorities. Once you decide to pursue an ESG-based method of operations, you will build trust, but that trust can be lost. Ensure that when you define your ESG strategy, it is both feasible and sustainable well into the future. Rebuilding trust takes years, if not longer. Once you start taking the steps and developing a branding strategy, you must remain completely committed to the process.

Best ESG Branding Practices for Tech Companies
It isn’t enough to advertise that your company participates in ESG practices in today’s tech space. You need to demonstrate real results. ESG reporting gives your stakeholder tangible evidence of your commitment to ESG. Share data with consumers, investors, communities, governing bodies, and any other entities that need to know how you are helping advance ESG in the tech segment. Place particular emphasis on areas where you excel above your competitors and issues relevant to the local areas where you have established operations. Branding should have a direct connection to the values, mission, and purpose that you determine for your company.